Patching your servers with updates could be the easiest way to keep your company and its assets safe. Patches get released from multiple vendors on a bi-weekly, monthly, and emergency basis. Make sure your servers are up to date on patches. Unpatched servers are vulnerable, and it only takes one unpatched asset to take down a company. This geos for everything from your external servers to your print servers. Hackers look for the easiest possible way in, so make sure to close that door.

Security first, be proactive.

If you have a VM, node, instance, or container that is not being used, shut it down, delete it, or take it off-line. These systems need to be shut down and deleted immediately. If not, they will be forgotten and left online and vulnerable to hackers. Make sure you have a disaster recovery plan in place. Make sure it outlines the items you need up and running first to ensure your business keeps running. It needs to be as detailed as if you walked in this morning and none of your IT products or services worked. How would you proceed to get back up and rolling? Regular backups, hardcopy of scripts that might be important for your company. Hard copy of contact list?

No time like the present. Don’t wait

You want to avoid putting your company in a situation where your systems go down. The more down time you have the more likely your customers are to go to your competitors. If you have holes or issues in any of the above items, then you need to act fast. Ensure that your site, servers, and assets are protected and ensure your company can operate at maximum capacity. If you don’t understand the cyber battle, we are in you need to reach out and ask for help. Do it before it is too late. Remember security first!

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