The key to our progress as a web-based society is information sharing. Sharing of information can be vital to the success or failure to a business in the digital age we live in. For the last 30 plus years of the internet, companies have gone at the daunting task of securing their own assets with little to no outside help. This means tight lips and not bringing in outside help until there is a breach. This is an old and archaic way of operating. Many firms have the tools and ability to share how to stop these breaches, but it comes at a cost. So how do we get this information to the masses? Crowdsec.net or thehackernews.com are a great way to do this. Crowdsec.net has an open-sourced CTI environment that has detection and remediation capabilities. The hackernews.com brings you up to date threat intel and news on the cyber security front. The best part is it is both are extremely affordable. For the community boards it is free. On the business end it is extremely affordable. Great option for small to medium sized businesses that are on tight budgets and working with limited resources.  

It is so imperative we share threat intelligence to help stop the spread of hacker attacks. Hackers in general are not making up new and inventive ways to hack. Most of them are using well scripted play books much like and NFL coach would. They have go to plays or scripts in this case. By sharing this information, we as a community can get ahead of the problem before we get hit. Not only will it save you from costly ransom’s, but it will save you time as well. How much does down time cost your business? If you are like most small to medium businesses in the county, down time is your number one killer. That can and likely will cost you your business. By using these communities, we can help push cyber security to the left. This means cyber security comes first and you have the entire community feeding you data and helping you stay up to date on the latest techniques and processes that will keep you protected.

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